BcoolWear delivers cool vests and cool caps. These are comfortable, lightweight vests and caps which keep the body and head cool. We offer 3 innovative technologies :


INUTEQ-Dry evaporative cooling is a revolutionary cooling technology. The patented cooling system has been created for environments where cooling is desired but resources are limited. The INUTEQ-Dry cooling solution only uses a limited quantity of water (vest max. 600 ml) for a maximum output (1-3 days of cooling usage). After easily activation by filling with tap water, our products will immediately start cooling. The cooling effect is based on the cooling effect of evaporation and thus largely dependent on the humidity and the airflow. The INUTEQ-Dry technology is a durable solution, and the products are machine-washable and anti-bacterial. Products with this technology are 100% dry and cool you down to 15°C below the ambient temperature.


Inuteq-H20 evaporative cooling technology is a superabsorption cooling fabric. Products with this technology will be activated by soaking in water for 2 minutes, then wring out the excess water and wear. Depending on the humidity and airflow, the products will cool you down for 2 up to 8 hours, this by max. 15°C below the ambient temperature. The INUTEQ-H20 evaporative products are machine-washable and anti-bacterial. The INUTEQ-H20 cooling vests are developed with a water-repellent liner to keep the wearer dry.


A new revolutionary performance technology; our bio-based 15°C Phase Change Material. This unique phase change technology has high latent heat, making them ideal for use in various thermal management applications. Our INUTEQ-Pac® products, powered by our bio-based 15°C PCM, have higher flash fire points over their paraffin equivalents. In fire safety tests, our INUTEQ-Pac® products out performed the paraffin equivalent. Safer to use when dealing with strict fire safety regulations.

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